Venturing forth…


“A craftsman controls the process and the product, which makes his work both satisfying and integral to his identity.” Anthony Mitch

John Reynolds’  Venture LLC is currently developing ¿?TrulesTM, a SaaS product for making collaborative decisions quickly – and for gaining support for the execution of those decisions.

  • The primary market for the product is individuals who are responsible for making organizational decisions and for “selling” those decisions to their organizations.
  • It is anticipated that individual adoption will lead to organizational adoption.
  • The business model is to provide free basic access with paid subscriptions for additional features.
  • Spring 2018 has been targeted for an initial pilot rollout to validate the technology and to gather user feedback.

An organization’s success is largely defined by its ability to make timely decisions and to follow through and execute those decisions.

Important organizational decisions require input from many people who often have diverse priorities and agendas. Effectively dealing with this diversity is crucial in arriving at good decisions, and justifying and explaining those decisions is crucial in ensuring that the decisions are executed.

¿?TrulesTM will be an online shared workspace in which decision makers and their collaborators journey through the process of evaluating an issue, deciding on a course of action, and presenting their findings to those effected. The tooling will help participants stay focussed on the issues to be addressed and will capture the details of how and why the decisions evolved. This ensures that decisions will be made in a more timely manner, and that those effected will have a deeper understanding of the decisions and why they should be implemented.