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John Reynolds’ Venture LLC is a boutique software production firm built on the simple idea that great software is built by artisans who deeply care about their clients’ needs…

Our flagship product is Trules® for decision makers…

An organization’s success is largely defined by its ability to make timely decisions and to follow through and execute those decisions.

Trules®  helps you quickly arrive at decisions that involve others.

Making decisions often requires gathering information, advice and approvals from others. Ensuring that decisions are carried out often requires explaining to others how and why the decisions were made.

Trules® speeds decision-making by providing you and your collaborators with a shared space in which to gather and discuss the information needed to make a decision. It acts as a guide for decision makers and their collaborators on their journey through the process of evaluating an issue, deciding on a course of action, and presenting their findings to those effected.

Trules® helps participants stay focused on the issues to be addressed and keep track of the details of how and why the decisions evolved. This ensures that decisions will be made in a more timely manner, and that those effected will have a deeper understanding of the decisions and why they should be implemented.