Minimum Viable Decisions…

As a Small Business Owner, I’ve come to understand that my decisions are my most important product. My “real job” is to decide what to try, and then to share those decisions with my team for execution.

If I produce good decisions, then the ¿?Trules business will  survive and thrive. If I don’t produce good decisions, then it’s early retirement for me and glowing recommendations for those who’ve helped me.

Prior to running my own business, I had been a Product Manager at many software firms. If there is only one thing to learn to be successful as a Product Manager, it is that achieving the Minimal Viable Product is your primary goal.

The mix of features and user experience in your product’s release has to be viable- “enough to survive” – but the product also has to be minimal to ensure that you aren’t expending any more effort than necessary before getting real feedback from real users. Your time and money is precious, and you won’t really know that you’ve built what users want until they tell you.

Build something that users love enough to tell you what else they want…

Tying those two threads together:

  • Your product is Decisions
  • You should strive to produce Minimum Viable Products

Let’s call this the Minimum Viable Decision for brevity…

You need to make good decisions, and you need to make decisions quickly. Until you decide, your team can’t execute.

But: Your decisions don’t need to be perfect, and in truth it’s better if your decisions are simple to explain. Your team won’t execute well if they don’t understand… and you have to trust them that they’ll alert you to decision flaws.

Once you’ve decided what to do and your team executes, then monitor the outcome of your decisions like a hawk – and refine those decisions quickly when you need to.

Focusing on Minimum Viable Decisions can really help speed this cycle and your chances of success.

Treat your decisions as you would the other important products that your business produces and you’ll be fine.





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